Phew! What a year 2014 has been! Like many of you, I couldn’t help but wonder where on earth this year has gone… until I started paging back through my diary recently and I saw what an incredibly full, exciting year this has been!

Many thanks to each and every member of SAVA for being part of our success story.  Your inputs, attendance at meetings and willingness to put the proverbial shoulder to the wheel, has helped us to spread the word and our wings …

We hope you enjoy this little “snap shot” of recent developments, highlights and updates on new projects that are currently in progress. As you will see, the last half of this year in particular was filled with many exciting events, conferences and engagements… all geared towards informing and educating interest groups about SAVA’s role and mission.

Whether you are reading this on your PC at the office, your smart phone on the beach or your tablet in bed late at night, our wish for you and your family is that you would have a well-deserved December break. May your travels be safe, time spent with friends and family be precious and the rest and relaxation be plentiful!

We look forward to seeing you again in 2015!


Kind regards,

Delanie Bezuidenhout



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SAVA - Southern African Vinyls Association

If you are the type of person who defines your business, stays up to date with developments in your industry and builds your relationships on sound business values, then you are most probably the type of business person who would enjoy rubbing shoulders with others in your industry.  

Belonging to an industry association offers you bargaining power, networking opportunities, access to information and the opportunity to stay on top of industry developments.  To be a successful part of an industry implies accepting a responsibility towards others in that industry to join forces, to share ideas and to turn ideas into action.

The Southern African Vinyls Association (SAVA) is the representative body of the Southern African vinyl industry.  SAVA is ideally positioned within the local plastics industry with representation on the Recovery Action Group (RAG), the Packaging Council of South Africa (PACSA) and the Plastics SA Sustainability Council to ensure that its members are represented on a broader platform.  SAVA also participates in knowledge transfer activities with the Australian Vinyls Council, The Global Vinyls Council, Vinyls Plus and other international organisations.

SAVA’s main purpose is representing our members’ interests in the Southern Africa region to create consumer confidence within the industry and to develop and sustain markets for the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) business.  PVC is a chlorinated hydrocarbon polymer and most of us use it every day, therefore it is important to promote vinyl business interests in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Our association is dependent on the backing and participation of our members.  SAVA’s members have a voice; they are willing to invest energy, time and money to promote the vinyl industry, to share ideas and to address concerns.   We offer our members a platform where they are equipped to protect their investments through knowledge.  They share a camaraderie that is envied by others and most of them are reaping the rewards of membership through constant business coming their way.