Competitions Act

"Competition in the economy is a driving force of development and growth which ultimately leads to lower prices and more product and service choice for customers." SAVA and its members are committed to promote and maintain competition in the market place.

Pocket Guide to Competition Act  - Download PDF here!

SAVA is committed to principles of free and fair competition.  SAVA’s policy is for its members to compete vigorously and effectively while always complying with applicable competition laws and regulations. This commitment applies not only in South Africa, where SAVA’s advisory services and offices are located, but also to other jurisdictions where SAVA and its members operate, or have a presence.  Compliance with this policy is a matter of the highest priority for SAVA.  Failure to comply with applicable competition laws and regulations could have serious consequences for SAVA and/or its members and for you as the relevant or affected director, employee, member, agent or representative concerned. You therefore have a responsibility in your personal capacity to comply fully with the SAVA Policy. Even a minor contravention of this policy could lead to disciplinary or other action being taken.  This policy is intended to help you understand how competition law applies to SAVA and its activities so that you can identify and avoid the types of arrangements or behaviour which are or may be prohibited.  An understanding of competition law will also help you and SAVA identify potential problems at a very early stage and enable the parties concerned to secure the necessary legal advice as soon as possible.  It is also possible that companies use their membership of SAVA to carry out their anti-competitive activities and if you don't know the law, you won't be able to protect both your member's and SAVA’s interests.  Since each member acts within SAVA through a member's representative, it is imperative to understand how competition laws may impact what you do or say within the SAVA organisation. 

(For a copy of the SAVA Policy on the Competitions Act please contact us!)