Social Development

The core objective of the South African Government as set out in 2004 is to halve poverty and unemployment by 2014.  The Southern African Vinyls Association supports this objective and believes that these objectives are feasible through cooperation, partnerships and sustainable development initiatives, encouraging new businesses to proliferate and expand.

All SMME owners in the PVC value chain are invited to contact the SAVA office for guidance and assistance.   SAVA will offer, as part of its commitment to job creation and Black Economic Empowerment (BEE), an institutional strengthening and capacity development programme for Small Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) in the plastics industry specifically related to those operating in the PVC value chain. 

The SAVA SMME Development Programme will aim to enhance managerial and business skills and hopes to cover subjects of strategic importance to ensure economic and social development in this sector.  Furthermore in relation to BEE compliance, companies supporting the SAVA SMME Development Programme will be able to gain up to 5 points on the generic scorecard for supporting socio-economic development initiatives.

The overall aim of the SAVA SMME Development Programme will be to strengthen the performance and competitiveness of SMMEs (including survivalist, micro, very small, small and medium enterprises) in the plastics industry related to activities in the PVC value chain in.

This will be done to pave the way for industry growth and thereby add to the creation of increased added value production and additional employment opportunities.  Overall these support activities will also lead to a sustainable recycling programme for the PVC and ultimately the plastics industry. 

The specific objectives of the programme will be to:

  • Improve the profitability and competitiveness of SMMEs
  • Improve the management capability of SMMEs by increasing participants’ awareness and application of modern business principles
  • Develop the ability of SMME managers to access and improve business performance as part of the continuous learning process
  • Facilitate the use of existing networks as a business development tool
  • Facilitate the use of business management tools for diagnosing and early warning
  • Assist SMME managers in the preparation of business plans